Today, we’re delving into the world of law and legal practices, covering everything from hiring practices to international law programs. Let’s dive in!

1. Hiring Without an Interview

Have you ever wondered if it’s legal to hire someone without an interview? Learn about the legalities of hiring practices and what to consider when bringing new employees on board.

2. Contract Addendum Template

When it comes to making amendments to contracts, having an addendum to the contract template is essential. This legal form allows parties to make changes while ensuring that the agreement remains legally sound.

3. LLM in International Law

Discover the best universities for LLM in international law and explore the top programs for 2021. Whether you’re looking to specialize in international law or expand your legal expertise, these programs offer a wealth of opportunities.

4. TruePeopleSearch Legality

Is TruePeopleSearch legal? Find out the legalities of using this people search service and understand the implications of accessing personal information through online databases.

5. Geneva Airport Liquid Rules

Traveling through Geneva Airport? Stay informed about the updated liquid rules and learn what you need to know before heading to the airport. Understanding these rules can help streamline your travel experience.

6. Brazil’s Paris Agreement Goals

Explore key legal aspects of Brazil’s goals under the Paris Agreement. Gain insights into environmental law and the nation’s commitment to addressing climate change on a global scale.

7. Basement Apartments in Nassau County

Are basement apartments legal in Nassau County? Learn what you need to know about the legalities of rental properties and housing regulations in this area.

8. Free Business Plan Template

Need a business plan template? Download a free business plan template and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. This legal document provides a framework for planning and launching your business.

9. Fulton County GA Recycling Rules

Stay up to date on Fulton County GA recycling rules to ensure compliance with local environmental regulations. Understanding these rules can help promote sustainability and responsible waste management practices.

10. Electrical Contractor License Renewal

Planning to renew your electrical contractor license? Access the renewal form and application requirements to streamline the process and ensure that you meet all legal requirements for practicing as an electrical contractor.